Is Mobile The Platform For Future Marketers?

Mobile marketing is among the most significant actions you can take being an entrepreneur. Without having a promotional tactic and targeted clients, many companies just do not survive. A lot of people who run businesses assume that having a retail outlet signage or perhaps maintaining an advertisement in classified ads is all they must have and very soon discover that it’s not enough.

One innovative mobile marketing strategy that can have an overwhelming effect on companies across the world is text messaging. This method focuses on mobile phone users in a quite unique approach. Just like the period when email marketing was the latest, text messaging marketing carries a lot higher positive results rate. Having a response percentage of at least 90% , company owners will need to be aware of and integrate this tactic to their general promotional methodology.

There following factors may have contributed to the high response percentage of mobile marketing:

• Users always carry their mobile phones with them.
• Mobile phones don’t need access to the internet to get a text message.
• Every time a person gets a text message he could rarely ever neglect it because of the alert functions of the mobile phone.
• The majority of companies haven’t employed this method yet, thus the chance is here for you to have the lead on using this latest advertising strategy.
• Text messaging is regarded as more exclusive than emailing since it is utilized mainly by specific family and friends.
• Text messages are relatively brief and straightforward hence named SMS.
• Latest mobile phones show the message directly on the display screen.

In case you have no idea, this is basically how mobile marketing via text messaging operates: Suppose you wish to do a discount promo for a specific product and you want to target your current clients initially. You should provide a voucher or discount whenever a customer sends an SMS using their mobile phone to your marketing campaign concept. An illustration of this would appear similar to this:

To get a fab discount today, text “gimmediscount” to 1234

Ultimately the client likes to get a discount so he texts the code to the given number. Subsequently he would quickly receive a reply perhaps together with a code permitting a discount. He would be notified as well that he would obtain upcoming mark down offers and may choose to unsubscribe anytime. Your clients should be comfortable with this as they are already your returning customers. This technique all takes place automatically. And before you know it, more people will become aware of your store and even without the sale, they would be frequenting your outlet.

This is the future – you’re going to see more and more businesses start this form of marketing and that’s why Mike Koenigs invested so much capital into Mobile Marketing Machines.  It’s to provide an easy follow up system for business owners via mobile applications.

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